Exploring New Frontiers

Sorry I’ve been away for so long everyone! There has been so much happening with my work and new opportunities have presented themselves. Currently, I am designing, working on websites, capturing photos and illustrating away at my father’s company Novi Industries! This has been an exciting and rewarding experience for myself and to my artistic mindset. As little time I have to write, I’ll try to update my blog more frequently to show you guys what I’ve been up to!

Check out some of the websites I’ve done work for and entered information on:

Expect an overhaul on the blog to feature my new work later this year! 

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A New Perspective

New updates coming soon! Busy with exciting projects. Be back to share later. 🙂

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It’s Been Awhile

Finally a new post! I know it’s been long since my last update but things are going well, unfortunately busy though. My college works and studies can consume large amounts of my time but I’m getting back into updating you guys on things I’ve been up to. Where to begin? I have recently added a new member to my graphic work flow, this computer (iMac i7 27” 2.93GHz) is running CS5 swiftly and robustly. I’ve also managed to throw in Logic Pro 9 and Final Cut Studio 3. Life is looking pretty sweet considering these new additions to my workstation at home. The CS5 tutorials on the Mac Lab Blog are benefiting me sufficiently as I learn and explore new features in CS5. Keeping up with the Blog helps out! A few weeks ago I was asked to design a promotional poster for my uncle Mario which happens to be an amazing International World Latin | Classical Guitarist! Here are the various versions I designed for him, one is for performing nights the other is a promo poster. (1) (2) With further viewing there can be some things enhanced to these posters, mostly I think it’s a good start.

The next few weeks should be exciting and progressive as I journey into CS5 further and expand my skill sets with Logic and Final Cut.

Don’t worry, the updates will continue more frequently as I free up some time from the schedule!

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We Are All In Motion

I apologize, it’s been awhile since my last update. A recent road-trip to Sacramento and San Francisco brought back some promising images. The photography style I’m trying to achieve is a retro vintage look which you can see in the photography page. Capturing simple elements around us can look interesting in a retro perspective. I have a new work in progress poster of an image that I captured in San Fransisco, it has a robo, poppy, theme. Keep in mind, it’s only a work in progress with simple typographical text that will be changed.


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Back On The Road

7/14 – UPDATE: New Photos Added to the Photography Page!

This week the good old 5D and I started to capture some photos of friends, cars, and El Cajon landscapes.

Image Below: I have been experimenting with water. I think I have a winner! 🙂


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A Chance for Glory

A few minutes ago, I came across a You Tube video contest that is open to anyone who wishes to submit any form of creative video to this collaboration with a world-renowned museum! Details are here. This sounds like a great opportunity to create something to submit some of my work and see what happens. Sounds like time for me to devise an idea for the video submission. I recommend fellow Mac Lab students to participate in this as well! 🙂

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One Star in a Sea of Millions

Congrats to the winners of the District Art Show! The artwork is on display at Parkway Plaza this weekend, drop by to see it! Yesterday, after the art show ceremony Chris, Philip, Christian, Kyle, and I went to this park to light paint. We managed to capture a few long exposure shots along the way such as this one. It’s time for the light painting crew to paint San Diego with light!


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